The Acting Company is proud to invite everyone to its auditions. We are a community theater and we’re always looking for new cast and crew member. Part of the theater experience is learning about the audition process. Most roles are open to all who audition. All you have to do is show up and fill out an information sheet. The director will ask you to read from the script for the parts that you are suited to play. Sometimes you will be asked to prepare a song or monologue to bring to the audition, but it is never mandatory. Our doors are open and we hope you will be interested in auditioning for an Acting Company production. All auditions are held at The Acting Company theater unless noted otherwise.

The Acting Company strives to provide an inclusive and creative culture where all members of the community feel welcome. We recognize that theater is an art form that both asks and answers questions. We believe the Arts fuel an important dialogue between artists and their audiences. As such, diversity is an integral part of our theater’s mission as we understand that theater has the unique ability to unite people. Our values are magnified in our casting choices, our play selection, and our collaborative artistic endeavors as we strive to create an accessible and inclusive theater experience for both our players and audience members. As part of TAC’s continued desire to provide live theater to our community, we strive to be a cohesive organization promoting access, diversity, and inclusion regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, profession, religious affiliation, or ethnic background. The Acting Company has always strived to ensure an accessible and inclusive theater experience and will continue to do so as we bring the magic of live theater to our community.

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