Lori Moye

Stage Manager

LORI MOYE (Stage Manager) has been an intricate part of The Acting Company family for 25 years. She enjoys her time as stage manager or props mistress, keeping things organized
and running smoothly through all the chaos backstage. She is every director’s dream — Wonder Woman! She can do anything and still have a smile on her face! Some of Lori’s favorite
challenges have been making specific props for directors: A nose that appears to grow and is longer each time the actor comes back on stage. A turkey that is indestructible when hit with a cleaver by a raging lunatic, wedding cakes, sausages, chops, game hens and other items too numerous to mention. Ask any director and they’ll tell you, “Lori is THE BEST!!!” Lori lives in Yuba City
with her husband Joe Moye (another regular you will surely know at The Acting Company) and her mother Joanne Hatfield.